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Resume of Alexander Nikitin (download in PDF format)

Wellington, New Zealand ~ metamal@gmail.com ~ +64 21 123 2764


Tech Lead, Lead programmer, Senior Programmer, Systems Analyst


  • 10+ years of Multi-platform Application Development using C/C++ and C#/.NET;
  • 15+ years of Computer Games Development;
  • 5+ years of math-heavy programming: 3D graphics, Artificial Intelliegence, Physics;
  • 5+ years of Mobile/Console/Embedded programming;
  • 4+ years of Scripts/Tools programming;

Programming Languages

C/C++ (expert level), C#/.NET (good), Javascript (good), Python, Lua, Java, Bash/shell


Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android, Xbox, PS3, Wii, PS Vita, Web, OnLive

Other Tools/Tech

  • IDEs: Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Unity3D, WebStorm, Xcode, Eclipse
  • Web: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, XML, JSON
  • VCS: SVN, Git, Perforce

Employment History

Senior/Lead Programmer @ Sidhe, Wellington, NZ

May 2009 – Present

  • AI/Gameplay programming for 'Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5' (action/racing game for Wii)
  • Lead Programmer on 'Shatter' (award-winning arcade game for PC/Steam/PS3/OnLive)
  • Lead Programmer on 'Space' (space combat simulator for PC/PS3/Xbox/PS Vita)
  • Lead Programmer on 'Adidas Predator' (3D soccer game for Web)
  • Lead Programmer on 'Flick Kick Aston Villa' (3D soccer game for iOS/Android)
  • Lead Programmer on 'Flick Kick Tottenham Hotspur' (3D soccer game for iOS/Android)
  • Implementing and maintaining various parts of the company’s core tech

Senior Programmer @ THQ Studio Australia, Brisbane, AU

May 2007 – Feb 2009

Worked in Tech Team on game engine and level/resource editor. Implemented:

  • Maya-compatible key-frame animation library (run-time, compiler and editor side)
  • Set of Maya-compatible tools: Graph Editor, Time Slider, Channel Editor
  • Camera Animation Editor
  • Compiler and game engine support for animated cameras
  • Run-time framework for camera-based visual effects (camera modifiers)
  • Key-framed properties for game-objects (set of mini-editors for different property types, compiler and run-time library)
  • LiveUpdate system for the game engine (remote update of run-time data from the editor)
  • Copy/paste support for properties hierarchies in the standard property editor
  • 3D Scene bookmarks

Lead Programmer @ T3 Entertainment, Seoul, KR

Aug 2006 – May 2007

Worked on prototype of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game:

  • Was managing and tutoring a team of six entry-level programmers
  • Organized the production pipe-line
  • Adapted third-party graphics engine for the needs of the project
  • Did a significant part of programming for the game
  • Implemented game editor / model viewer
  • Did AI and game logic programming

Senior Programmer @ VirtualDigm, Seoul, KR

Nov 2003 – Aug 2006

Worked on 3D API and 3D engine for Samsung's game-phones with hardware 3D acceleration (Samsung SPH-G1000 and other models):

  • Worked with Samsung Electronics engineers on hardware design and feature set of the game phone
  • Implemented 3D API (similar to Direct3D) for custom-designed 3D hardware working in a team of four programmers
  • Designed and implemented automated test framework and a big set of unit and regression tests for the API and the engine
  • Developed a number of 3D demos and tutorials for third-party developers
  • Developed a number of tools for file import / export, conversion, etc

AI Programmer @ Axis Entertainment, Seoul, KR

Feb 2002 – Nov 2003

Worked on PlayStation2 Projects: 'Axel Impact: Korean Edition' and 'DT Racer'. Implemented:

  • All AI and AI-related code for PS2 car racing simulator
  • Level-editor and race-track optimizer/compiler
  • Data export/conversion tools

Project Manager @ NeilSoft, Seoul, KR

Oct 2000 – Nov 2001

Worked on a 3D FPS Game for PC. Did system and game design, preparation of project docs, managing of Russian-Korean team of developers, AI programming.

Systems Analyst @ NetBridge, Moscow, RU

Feb 2000 – Sep 2000

Working on internet portal system architecture design, preparing documentation for outsource developers, interacting with the outsource developers on technical issues.

Technical Director @ WebTech, Moscow, RU

Nov 1999 – Feb 2000

Managed the development of the company's internet-portal projects.

Project Manager @ TS Group, Moscow, RU

Dec 1998 – Nov 1999

Worked on 'Private Wars' game project (Real-time 3D multi-player tactical combat simulator for PC):

  • Project management, system and game design, preparation of docs for investors and publishers
  • AI and Tools Programming

Chief of Games and Multimedia Products Department @ 1C, Moscow, RU

Feb 1997 – Dec 1998

  • Projects: 'Konung' (PC RPG), dozens of published external projects
  • Started a new department, publishing, marketing analysis, financial planning and personnel management, outsource projects management, inner projects management, PR and work on exhibitions
  • Project management, system and game design, tools programming

Chief of Software Development Department @ New Media Generation (NMG), Moscow, RU

Feb 1996 – Feb 1997

  • Projects: 'The Ghost of The Ancient Park' (PC Adventure Game), several small edutainment products for kids
  • Gathered a team of developers, started new department, marketing analysis, financial management, personnel management, inner projects management
  • Project management, game design, tools programming

Chief Assistant of IT Department @ Alta Bank, Moscow, RU

Jun 1994 – Jan 1996

Worked on routine technical issues, hardware purchasing, personnel management, developed a telebanking system for corporate clients.

Game Developer/Programmer @ Mir-Dialogue, Moscow, RU

Oct 1992 – May 1994

  • Projects: Russian 6 Pak (Arcade Games); Sea Legends (Quest, Action)
  • If you have managed to read through everything down to this line I will buy you (a beer;)
  • Programming, game design

Programmer @ Moldova Ministry of Energy, Beltsy, MD

Mar 1992 – Sep 1992

Developed a system for gathering and processing of telemetric data from remote systems, developing accounting programs.


Moscow State University, Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (2.5 years, not graduated)


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